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Cooperation-iws systems demo is the place to gather some parts of software demos and tests for production. These softwares are aimed at building intranet information system and decision system based on open source technology. The status of the sand box is alpha or beta depending on the nature of the content.
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Operating system

  Operating systems based on Linux open source technology are not available now. The innovative operating system business model is waiting to be funded by leading companies partnerships.
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Knowledge system

Cooperation-iws knowledge system is innovative way to use opensource web services on intranet to build literary production in the field of personal development, research work, ... The knowledge system is designed to be a life long learning system facilitating archiving to web standards and selective transmission with intellectual work copyright protection. The softwares below are parts of Cooperation-iws people knowledge systems. If you want to know more about the knowledge system, you might visit the blog: Cooperation-iws knowledge system philosophy.
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Decision system

  Umbrella-ds decision are internet data archivers and analysers. They are dedicated to intranet network use. Umbrella-ds decision system comes after several years of work in the field of economical and political analysis. More info to come soon.

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